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2130 Fulton Street
San Diego, CA 94117-1080



Samantha Porter

Psychologist, VitaMind Founder

Hello! I'm Samantha Porter, a therapist and psychologist with 15 years of practical experience. Helping people solve their mental problems and change their lives for the better is my mission. Using a personalized approach and modern methods, I can assist in sorting out individual, family, and other types of issues.

Individual Therapy


Couples Counseling


Family Therapy


Understanding Your Personal Problems

My main task is to focus on your issues and help you solve them successfully.

For me, it's crucial to build up a relationship of trust with you and let you be yourself when telling me about your fears, dreams, and wishes — every problem matters in therapy. I'm here to help you find the right way and enjoy life.

10 Years of Experience

I will use the professional experience gained working with hundreds of clients to help you solve the most difficult mental issues and find a life balance.

Free Consultation

The first consultation is introductory and free of charge. You pay only for the following sessions if you are comfortable working with me and my methods suit you.

Privacy Guaranteed

I don’t disclose any personal information you share with me during therapy. You can learn about privacy policies on the first visit.